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Coaches & Directors

Welcome our new Head Coach and Director of Skating:  Demid Rokachev.  A message from Demid 


Hello, my name is Demid.  I'm 30 years old and 19 of those years I enjoyed being an active athlete/coach in figure skating.  I started to skate at the age of 11 in my hometown of Rostov-on-Don, Russia as a single skater. Later I switched to ice dance and had a wonderful chance to compete internationally representing first Russia, then Switzerland and Australia.  I worked with coaches like Olympic gold winner Evegniy Platov and then France's now Canada's Roman Hagenauer. I'm honoured to be invited to coach at Smithers FSC and I am looking forward to meeting you all."


Demid's extensive coaching and skating experience has been recognized by Skate Canada and as a Skate Canada Coach in good standing.   


Courtney Malkow

 Trained Regional Coach

Courtney has been coaching with the Smithers Skating Club for over four years and grew up skating in Smithers as an accomplished competitive figure skater.  She is a Trained Regional  Coach and coaches our Canskate, Prestar and Starskate programs.  She is a valuable asset to our team providing coaching support to our Head Coach.  


Board of Directors

President:  Carrie Collingwood
Vice President:  Laurel Menzel
Past President, Secretary:  Luba Kasum
Treasurer:  Jana Lukasek
Director, Volunteer Coordinator: Debbie Leach 
Director, Registrar: Aly Garland 
Christmas Tree Coordinator: Laurel Menzel 
Director, Social Media, Sasha Doodson  

Policies & Procedures

1) Refund Policy

All session fees are non-refundable with the following exceptions:

a) Medical reasons with a doctor's note;

b) Moving out of Smithers; or

c) 1st time skater in CanSkate or Pre-Canskate, who has formally withdrawn from the lessons by December 1st.

Formal withdrawal consists of providing a written letter of request to the club president with the reason for needing a refund by Dec 1.  Refunds will consist of the fees paid - MINUS cost of lessons elapsed.  Skate Canada registration fees cannot be refunded and a $20.00 administrative fee applies. 

 2) NSF Policy

A $40 surcharge must be applied to all NSF cheques.  SFSC requires payment of all NSF cheques immediately.   Until full payment of the NSF cheque and surcharge is received, the member is considered a member not in good standing and the skater will not be allowed on the ice.

If a NSF cheque is received more than once, a cash or money order only basis will apply thereafter, and your post-dated cheques will be returned to you.

3) Missed Session Policy

Missed Sessions due to Medical Reasons

A skater who has missed a session due to a medical reason or illness may make up the missed session provided that an email request has been sent to coaches and approved, and the session is not full. The skater may be offered alternate ice time if space is available but may only receive a lesson from coaches if it does not bump another regular pre-scheduled student’s lesson. The club cannot reimburse skaters for any individual sessions that a skater is unable to attend due to short-term illness.

Missed Sessions due to Skater Activity Conflicts

Missed sessions due to a skater’s activity conflicts are discouraged due to schedule disruption.  The club is not obligated to offer the skater make-up ice time, nor are coaches obligated to provide make-up lessons for missed sessions due to activity conflicts.  In rare circumstances (e.g., Christmas concert), requests for make-up ice time and lessons can be made by e-mail request to coaches. 

Missed Sessions due to Ice Scheduling Conflicts or Coach Unavailability

The club cannot reimburse skaters for cancellations of individual sessions due to ice scheduling conflicts (i.e., due to competitions, test days, etc., &/or where coaching staff are unavailable). Session cancellations will be avoided as far as possible and coaches will find substitute coaches whenever possible.  Make-up ice time and lessons will be offered to skaters for such cancelled sessions if feasible.   

 4) Buy-on Policy

Skaters may buy-on sessions they are not registered for providing they have a current Skate Canada membership.   You can buy on at the beginning of any session that is not full.  The buy-on rate is $10.00 per hour.  Cheaper buy-on rates are available through the purchase of 5 session or 10 session punch cards.  

Turn in cash to the registrar, coach, or board member before stepping onto the ice. You must submit enough cash for the entire session (no exceptions).  Note:  Buy-ons are always priced higher than registered sessions, i.e., the per-hour cost a session is higher when buying on rather than registering for a full season.

5) Ice Schedule Change Policy

The Smithers Figure Skating Club reserves the right to alter the ice schedule to maximize use of the ice for all skaters.  Any changes made after the start of the season will be made with due consideration of and in consultation with all skaters affected.  

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